Managed Services Pros & Cons

 Outsourcing Pros and Cons

In the race of success, every business wants to compete in the market. Obviously, a business can’t compete in the market without the intellectual sources. So to effectively compete in the market, most of the organizations prefer outsourcing. Business Process Outsourcing is an effective approach in which an organization takes the advantage of the third party to fulfill their primary tasks. BPO is the short form of Business Process Outsourcing. This approach is becoming viral in the business market because most of the business can boost their production through this.  One has relatively less control while outsourced to third party whereas the benefit is that the partner will keep his expertise upgraded as this is his core business. However, this approach has some pros and cons which are going to discuss in detail



Most of the business owners are taking help of BPO in the progress of their business as they only consider the pros of this approach and these are as follows.

Less cost burden

It is clear enough that an organization takes the services of the third party and an organization can save money. An organization has no need to hire employees for the specific tasks like they take the help from IT personals of the third party. As they have no need to invest a large amount on IT personals and ultimately cost burden will be less.

Availability of time to manage the basic functions of business

An organization divides its workload by taking the services of the third party. The third party does most of the tasks. So when the third party sorts out the problems of an organization then that organization has enough time to concentrate on the internal and basic functions of its organization.

Involvement of expert persons with technological support

As it is modern epoch and survival of a business is impossible without the support of the technological factors. So through the BPO, an organization gets an opportunity to take the benefit of those expert persons who have upgraded latest skills.

The technology is changing so rapidly so it’s not possible to manage everything in-house via manage services cost will be bit high but then it’s the responsibility of third party to keep itself updated.


Although BPO is an effective approach and works in most of the situations. But it also has some cons which are as follows.

May have to compromise on quality

The most common side effect of the BPO is that there is a case that you may have to compromise on the quality of the product. The possibility of quality compromise occurs because you are taking the facilities from the third party and they work according to their own standards.

Dependent on other organization

Another problem in BPO is that you are dependent on another organization to fulfill your needs. You are bound to the third party and you can’t take next step without the involvement of that organization. In short progress of your business is dependent on that organization to some extent.

Redundancy of jobs in internal organization

You can’t hire employees in your internal organization because you are paying to a third organization. And it is obvious that you will not use your budget for employees anymore. Availability of jobs in an internal organization is not possible when you approach BPO.

Key Take Away

You have to search for the trustworthy organization before approaching the BPO. An only trustable organization will be beneficial to you and give you the best. An organization which has experience will also be reliable as it has the ability to avoid most of the general cons.

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