Hard work Vs. Smart work

Hard work Vs. Smart work

To maintain the standard of living and to fulfill the needs of every-day life, everyone has to work to generate the income. Some prefer to do business and some prefer to do a job. In every scenario, people have to adopt some strategy to carry out the tasks of routine. The common thing in every professional is the “work”. Like some professionals do hard work smartly and some professionals do smart work with difficulty.

Before asserting the difference between the hard work and smart work one has to understand these two terms. What actually is hard work and smart work? One put a lot of efforts in the implementation of tasks and he spent a lot of time on that task that will be hard work. A person does the same difficult task through his intelligence with less effort and time will be smartness.

It is a general survey that people how do the hard work can’t compete with those people who work with smartness that is intelligence. But it never means smart approach towards any work will be workable in fact it is dependent on the nature of the task.


Achievement of goals

Hard work is not goal-oriented approach while as smart work is a goal-oriented approach. In a usual case, people do the hard works without the conclusion of the end result and they keep doing the work on their to-do list never ends. In smart work, in advance, people set their goals and have the idea that what they want to achieve. They take steps according to their goals and at the end reach to their goals.


When we talk about the hard work and smart work then the clear difference reflects into the creativeness. As hard work is traditional approach so a lot of creativeness does not exist when one does hard work. On the other hand, creativeness is possible in smart work like one do the use of technology like smartphone and internet. Due to the usage of internet, a person gets different ideas related to their work so creativity never ends.

Traditional and new trends

Hard work is a traditional approach which people follow without knowing the working style of hard work. Hard work is commonly known as the traditional approach because people are adopting this approach for decades. As it is the era of technology and due to the advancement of technology people are adopting the new trends. Like online business is replacing the offline business as in offline business one has to be on work for more than 12 hours but in online business, one has no need spent time on daily basis. It is also a fact that effectiveness of smart work is possible through the dedication.

Combination of planning and thinking

An individual does some brainstorming and does some planning to do a task. Work done is the combination of planning and thinking. But difference arises when differentiating the work into two separate categories that are hard work and smart work.

In hard work approach people directly jumps to real-world implementation without doing the thinking process and later on when they overview the work, they think. On the other hand, in smart work people spent time on thinking process that is the intelligence of mind. After thinking process, they do proper planning and work accordingly.

Key Thrust

Hard work and smart work both are essential to get some positive result. It is up to you how you deal with these two approaches. If you believe in hard work then fulfill the requirements of hard work as in it your loyalty and time matter a lot. If you want to adopt smart approach then enhance your intellectuality and give your best.

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