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1I am able to manage my work responsibilities in a way that allows me to maintain a healthy Work life balance
2I am proud to work for my company
3Org give privileges to employees regarding the services e-g banks provide low markup loan rates to their employees, telco's provide free phone balance to employees etc
4There are sufficient Growth & Learning Opportunities for me to improve my skills to keep up with business
5Equal Opportunity Employer
6Work/HR Processes are clearly stated and there are unified policies across organization
7Cooperation within Team
8Collaboration among different departments
9Effective Evaluation and continuous feedback based on Goals and KPI
10On time salary & due benefits
11My management communicates we so I can see a clear link between my work and my company's objectives
12My management empowers me to do my job effectively i-e Objectivity rather than "My way or highway
13I am comfortable with the physical environment in which I work
14I enjoy working for company, we have a lively and open atmosphere in our organization