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What’s happening at your work place, it’s all about organizations.

The iwTrends.com is a Platform where website’s audience will find about how and what’s happening at your workplace, it’s all about the latest and best practices being followed across globe which can eventually assist in creating awareness about the strengths and improvement areas of institutions, it also assists in refining the strategies accordingly.

This Social network platform will give a chance to meet up people who have common interest and can see the happenings and can assist employers to improve the standards as it will help in highlighting the strength as well as the weak areas which needs improvement.
The people with common interest can comment on a blog and people will be subject to approval and relevance.

Users can create blog posts follow other users to see content in their dashboard feed and people who come together to talk about the topics they love while sharing links, photos and experiences relevant to the topic thread where they’re participating.

We have a feature in iwTrends.com where based on the community interests one can request to do a polling on any question related to the institute/ organization he is associated with or is concerned about improving it.

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