Agile & Scrum Project Management

Agile & Scrum Project Management

Agile and Scrum are the terms which frequently use in the field of software engineering. In the field of the software, mostly people miss-interpret the terms agile and scrum. They do this because they think that the agile and scrum is the same thing and they use it interchangeably. Although, agile is the collection of the plans for collaboration and cross-functionality within the team while scrum is the framework for the implementation of the agile methods. Agile contains a lot of other approaches other than the scrum. In simple words, agile is a larger set and scrum is the subset of the agile. Detail description of these two terms is going to discuss here as it will be helpful for those who confuse these two terms.


This approach enables the developer team to change or modify the requirements after getting the feedback of end user at each step of the development as it is an iterative and incremental approach.

Cooperation among the stakeholders and developers

Developers of the company are responsible to achieve the goals of the company. In fact, they are also responsible to achieve the goals of the customers. Cooperation among stakeholders and developers is the key element to achieve the goals of the company and customers. So agile is the best approach which allows the cooperation between cooperation and developers.

Customers satisfaction

Every company or organization wants to achieve the customer’s satisfaction at priority because the growth of a company is not possible without the customer’s support. Agile enables the software developers to build the software in minimal time. Customer satisfaction is possible through the agile approach as the final product will be in that form which customer wants because developers can modify requirements during the development duration.


Scrum is not a methodology but it’s a framework to develop software. Scrum has different processes which one has to fulfill to achieve an outcome. It is clear that scrum is the subset of the agile so scrum also works in iterations. A single iteration in the scrum is commonly known as a sprint. Processes of scrum are as follows


Product backlog

Product backlog contains the list of those features or characteristics which should be the part of the final product. Product owner and team refine the features of the final product. In each sprint team has to deliver a single feature from the product backlog.

Sprint planning and Sprint backlog

In sprint planning, product owner allows the developer team to choose a task. The team chooses that task from product backlog which they can complete in a sprint. Then further developer team pulls the selected task from the product backlog into the sprint backlog.

Sprint meetings

Sprint meetings enable the developers to overcome the issues which they face in the development phase. It also refines the sprint tasks in each sprint meeting.

Key Substance

Agile and scrum both are beneficial in software development as they ensure the quality of product with the customer satisfaction. The iterative behavior of agile and scrum provides flexibility to all stakeholders including the product owner, ender user and developer team.

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