Ali Baba Strategy and SWOT Analysis

Ali Baba is a very famous brand. It is a company of China. China is playing its part in the betterment of the economic condition of the world. Ali Baba is also giving strength to the economy of the country. Ali Baba not only serve customers but it also serves to other businesses which means that this company can be categorized into each category like business to business, consumer to consumer and business to consumer. It is a company which is serving through the E-commerce. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, weaknesses, and opportunities of Ali Baba are going to be discoing in this document in detail.


Ali Baba is one of the largest online selling brand. It has a lot of popularity as it connects the suppliers and buyers. It is a most trustable platform for both the suppliers and buyers because they manage the transactions through their own payment system. Due to safe transaction procedure, a lot of international investors loved to invest in this company. They highly expanding their network and due to expansion, they are targeting to a large number of customers in minimal time.


Ali Baba is famous Chinese online selling brand but there exist weaknesses at large scale. Anyone can copy the business model of the Ali Baba because it is so simple and it is a great weakness. This company is expanding due to the support of the Chinese Government so if Chinese Government faces some economic problems then that problem is also reflected in this company. In general, no any creativity exists in Chinese culture so can’t progress on creative happenings. Delivery time of Ali Baba is not efficient enough.


Ali Baba has the great support of Chinese Government and that is a great opportunity for it to grow. It is getting more popularity day by day because it is an online brand which has large opportunity to expand with the globalization of the internet. It has the opportunity to grow business in real means if they improve their delivery time. China is a country with a strong economic background so Ali Baba also has economic support at large scale. Recently they bought an E-Commerce platform in Asia as an opportunity to grow further in region.


Ali Baba is an online company which plays the role of intermediate between the seller and the buyer. The Internet is becoming viral more and more with the passage of time. Due to the vitality of the internet, there are a lot of other companies which are managing online selling platforms. These online selling platforms are the great threat to Ali Baba. Ali Baba has the support of Government, but with this support, it has to follow government rules and policies strictly.  Although China has a strong economic background, it has to bear the impact of global economic disasters.

Key Substance

Ali Baba is well-known company and almost every individual takes no time to use this for the need of purchasing or selling. It is a fact that there is a lot of challenges exist in the race of success but the founder of the Ali Baba is handling all challenge with patience and intelligence.

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