Approaches to Organizational Design and Structure

Approaches to Organizational Design and Structure

Every organization adopts the tardiest tactics to boost the success rate of the business. Skills of employees matter a lot to the success of an organization. But it will not be enough as the excellence of employees is dependent on their work environment. It is the responsibility of the business owner or management team of the organization to provide a suitable work environment. As a manager, you have to take a decision about the organizational structure to choose an organizational design which is suitable for your business. In the perspective of organizational design, you have to set goals of your business and to fulfill these goals you have to focus on your organizational structure. Most common organizational structures are as follows for your ease.

Functional Structure

You can choose this structure to handle the different types of tasks. You can assign each task to each employee depending on the expertise and skills of the employee. If you are managing an organization on a large scale then you can make multiple departments. Assign relevant tasks to each department as through this way you can motivate your employee. This structure will not be costly as you can handle your all departments by yourself.

Network Structure

In this structural approach, an organization has no need to hire staff in the larger number. The larger number of staff is not required because the manager of the organization assigns the tasks to other organizations to fulfill their requirements. Might be a case, you have to compromise on the quality of work as you have to rely on other organizations.

Team Structure

Team structure allows the management team to make the group of employees work on a project. This structure will be helpful to remove the communication gaps between the departments as the employee of different department’s works collaboratively on a task or project. When the employees work in groups then they ultimately get the solution of the problem and achieve the target.

Divisional Structure

This structure is appropriate for those business pupils who are managing an organization at a larger scale. This structure internally follows the functional structure. Basically in this structure management authority of the organization makes the group of departments and called it as a division. Each division is under the supervision of the manager and individually the manager reports to the CEO of the company about the progress or development of the company.

Matrix Structure

Under the style of this structure, an employee has to report to more than one manager or supervisor. This structure is suitable where a single employee handles multiple tasks. Like, May an employee has to report the project manager and account manager according to the task requirements.

Key Substance

Unintentional ignorance or careless behavior of the business owner regarding the selection of the organizational design and structure can have a drastic impact on the growth of the business. So it is the responsibility of the authorities of the organization to do brainstorming before the selection of the organizational structure.

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