Assertiveness Vs.Aggressiveness

How to Be More Assertive not Aggressive

Assertive and aggressive are terms which contradict each other. Every person possesses assertive attitude or aggressive attitude whether he is an employee or may managing a team. People have confidence that possesses assertive attitude and they handle the situations calmly. Plus assertive people know their value and have the ability to implement their ideas. Moreover, if assertive people can’t get the desired results then their arrogance never hurts. These people are object-oriented and capable enough to clearly communicate with others and they stay away from the stress.

On the other hand, aggressive people possess distinct characteristics. Aggressive people want to implement their ideas with force. Most of the time, they never accept their mistakes and blame others. Aggressive people have dominant personalities. Assertive attitude is better than aggressive so how one can be an assertive rather than aggressive is going to highlight.

(Assertiveness versus pushiness)


Know yourself

As a human being, you have to understand that you are in this world due to some purpose and you are not useless. Try to know yourself by valuing the skills which you possess. Boost your confidence by using your skills on some eloquent task. Don’t allow anyone to humiliate you because you have your own respect and dignity. Protect your rights and do these in a humble manner. In the end, your attitude will be assertive.

Accept compliments

In a normal life, every person has to face different situations and respond to these situations according to their mood swings. You may meet people in yourself who appreciate your work and at the same time some people criticize your work and they don’t appreciate intentionally. To be more assertive, you have to receive both positive and negative compliments and don’t show your eagerness even if you don’t like the compliment. Always welcome all type of comments or compliments in a humble manner.

Avoid the unbearable attitude of the others

Some people in your life may deliberately hurt your feelings due to some reasons. May they are jealous people and they don’t want to see the success of other people or may have some personal issues. At most of the time, negative people do unbearable deeds and one can’t tolerate these. But to be assertive you have to avoid these types of things and even just ignore. If you do this then you can focus on your work and can burn your positive energy in positive work and ultimately gets the victory.

Handle situations in a constructive manner

You have to deal with the different situations in practical and professional life. Doesn’t matter you are an employee or an owner of an organization. For example, may your boss show dissatisfaction towards your work then at that time you have to sort out this situation in a constructive manner like do some more positive work and clear your position in front of your boss. Another example, if you are an owner of an organization and may you face loss in your business then don’t be hyper and don’t blame to your employees for this loss and plan some constructive approaches to cope with bad time.

Key Take Away

Assertive attitude gives you more and plays positive role in your life. If you want to be successful in your life then change your attitude from aggressiveness towards the assertiveness. However, aggressiveness and assertiveness are opposite of each other and may a person possess these two at the same time.

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