Diamer Basha And Mohmand Dam Account Numbers and Fund Raising Status for PM Imran Khan- Supreme Court of Pakistan

In accordance with the directives of the State Bank of Pakistan, Banks have opened accounts on the call of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Justice of Pakistan” for fund raising of “Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dam where donations/contributions can be deposited to raise finances for construction of the dams.

The main Account Number is of State Bank of Pakistan

Bank: State Bank of Pakistan
Account No & IBAN: 03-593-299999-001-4 & IBN No.PK06SBPP0035932999990014
Total Amount:
Rs. 4,587,292,160 
(Four billion five hundred eighty-seven million two hundred ninety-two thousand one hundred sixty rupees) 
(چار ارب اٹھاون کروڑ بہتر لاکھ بانوے ہزار ایک سو ساٹھ روپے)

Fund Collection Statistics are as follows:

All banks account details with their IBAN number are as follows:

Sr. #

Name of Bank

IBAN Number

1 Albaraka Bank Pakistan PK58AIIN0000150418327013
2 Allied Bank Limited PK63ABPA0010053029480016
3 Askari Bank Limited PK29ASCM0000020100579803
4 Bank Alfalah Limited PK93ALFH0005001006452547
5 Bank Al-Habib Limited PK34BAHL100100811801930
6 Bank Islami Pakistan Limited PK59BKIP0100339298500001
7 Bank of Khyber PK86KHYB0001000012308005
8 Bank of Punjab PK57BPUN6010106804200010
9 Bank of China PK91BKCH0100002600000717
10 Citi Bank NA Pakistan PK71CITI1000000101080005
11 Deutsche Bank PK96DEUT0000001056571000
12 Dubai Islamic Bank PK35DUIB0000000490197001
13 Faysal Bank Limited PK89FAYS0110006000016732
14 First Women Bank PK24FWOM0001023960110000
15 Habib Bank Limited PK69HABB0007865555556603
16 Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd PK11MPBL0101027140559861
17 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China PK521CBK0010000000138026
18 JS Bank Limited. PK41JSBL9001000001173750
19 MCB Bank Limited PK09MUCB1022736261007751
20 MCB Islamic Bank Limited PK18MCIB1601002589840001
21 Meezan Bank Limited PK98MEZN0001540103232764
22 National Bank of Pakistan PK33NBPA0001004149413147
23 Samba Bank Limited PK06SAMB0000002000602518
24 Silk Bank Limited PK81SAUD0000012007745012
25 Sindh Bank Limited PK32SIND0003014969103500
26 SME Bank Limited PK25SMES1001000623080001
27 Soneri Bank Limited PK90SONE0000220005872104
28 Standard Chartered Bank PK70SCBL0000001722155901
29 Summit Bank Limited. PK54SUMB0201027140177144
30 MUFG Bank Ltd PK18BOTK0005162000000612
31 United Bank Limited PK44UNIL0109000250544886
32 Zarai Taraqati Bank Limited PK31ZTBL0024402011302237
33 Telenor Micro Finance Bank PK10TMFB0101999900035005
34 Mobilink Micro Finance Bank PK50WMBL0000000102796691
35 First Micro Finance Bank PK16FMFB0021011474997014
36 FINCA Micro Finance Bank PK33SBPP0020341006870018
37 Sindh Micro Finance Bank PK94SMFB0001070000060066

One can also easily donate Rs.10 for Dams through SMS

To Donate for Dams through SMS, Follow the following steps:

  • Type Dam
  • Send SMS to 8000

Company wise SMS collection in Pak Rupees is as under

Mobilink 41,754,480
Telenor    16,944,240
Ufone  14,781,750
Zong  11,391,250
Total  84,871,720


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