General Electric Strategy

General Electric is an international American company. It is a corporation which is maintaining its position around the globe through its services. They are providing the services in the field of electricity, water, energy or power, oil, gas, transportation, and health. They are providing these services to their customers in more than 100 countries.

This company is progressing day by day as owners of this company are focusing on technology and innovative ideas. They are improving the infrastructure through the amalgamation of the technology. They have been creating innovative appliances of electricity and gas. They are targeting to more customers with the advancement in the innovation of ideas.

The detailed SWOT Analysis for General Electric (GE) is going to be discussing here which clear important facts about General Electric.


More than thirty thousand employees of General Electric are working around the world and also this company is functioning in more than one sixty companies. The General Electric is working in wide range of areas that is electricity, gas, energy, finance, health, and software so its success is not dependent on single area. Due to Providence of services in a large number of areas, this company is able to generate uniform revenue and hence the chance of risk becomes decrease. General Electric is playing part in technology at large scale that is the reason that it is the most innovative place for work.


General Electric has the limit of debt and debt limit creates problems for the company to take extra funds for future or any other capital. General Electric is highly dependent on the third party to take the raw materials. Due to dependency on third party General Electric remains at risk.  General Electric has the remarkable reputation in the market; due to its reputation, no small issue is ignorable.


General Electric can enhance its business through the fulfilling of demand of commercial airplanes. Not only this but this organization can also boost its business by fasting up work on those projects or contracts which are in pipeline and can enhance its position in the Global market due to the variety of fields. Also, this company can enhance revenue by recreating the energy.


General Electric is a most powerful brand in the world due to its global position; this company can face political problems. Not only political problems but also has to face the economic issues. General Electric may face difficulties in implementation of the operations due to the strict government policies and also face issues due to tight IT security.

Sum up

General Electric is an international organization. Although the future of this organization is very bright as the products of this organization are increasing day by day. But the SWOT Analysis of General Electric shows that the risk factor and probability of problems remains with the success.

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