Google Strategy and SWOT Analysis

Google is the most popular search engine as most of the user use it frequently. It provides information to the user depending on the query request by the user or searcher. It retrieves only relative information in an organized manner. Google search engine algorithms work by generating the list of links after processing the query or question of the user. It displays useful information related to the query and present these in front of the user. Google is also popular because it generates results by ranking the informative link at the top. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Google are the main focus of this document which is going to be highlighting here.


Google is a search engine which is able to provide information to users on large scale. It is the search engine which can generate a lot of traffic from all over the world. Traffic generation is the key strength of the Google. Google also generates high revenue by posting ads for the third party or to post ads for the promotion of the party. Google popularity becomes increased due to the invention of Android smartphones. As Android smartphone only support Google play store and Google Chrome so Google can generate enormous annual income.


Google is able to generate traffic a lot because internets users prefer use this search engine. Also, competitive bloggers do struggles to approve their blogs by the Google and eventually Google generates informative content. But Google is dependent on the internet to do all operations. Google play store, online advertising and ads posting all these dependent on the internet. Google can’t beat those companies who maintain the physical presence because Google does not have any prominent physical presence.


Google develops applications for Android so Android Operating System is a great opportunity for it as it is able to attract all Android users but can increase by introducing mobile-friendly programs to the large extent. Google can increase its annual revenue by expanding their fiber system. Google play store is also a great opportunity for it. Google revenue is dependent on ads posting but it has to do consider the non-ads area to generate the revenue. Google use cloud computing for Google Drive which is a key advantage for it.


Threats affect the growth of the business. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are the threat for the Google because these social media platforms provide similar applications and information as the Google does. Google has the serious threat from the other companies which offers products with advanced features.


Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the Google show that it is the famous search engine for the current era due to solid reasons. With the advancement of technology, Google also has some threats but it can overcome these by adopting new strategies or make the change in existing strategies.

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