Modern Techniques of Performance Evaluation

Evaluation Techniques (360/ 9 box matrix)

Business owner or manager is responsible for the growth and progression of the business. He is the one who keeps eye on employees to generate the effective outcome. Not only this, he also has to evaluate those things which have the negative impact on the business. As a manager, he manages the business budget and annual profit by making the decision about the investment. So it is a fact that the manager of an organization has a lot of responsibilities.

Under the consideration of these responsibilities, a manager has to follow latest techniques of evaluation like 360/9 matrix to evaluate the performance and potential of the employees. A matrix is the combination of rows and columns. So 360/9 matrix shows employees potential in columns and performance of employees in rows. The effectiveness of 360/9 evaluation matrix is going to be discussing here.

Comprehensible interface

The 9 box matrix is a tool which provides help to managers. A manager can easily estimate the working of the employees through each box of the matrix. It is clear enough from the figure that the Box1 represents those employees who have high potential and outstanding performance. So, the interface of this tool is comprehensive for the manager.

Play role in a professional manner

Mostly, managers are not expert to explore the skills of the employees. The box 9 matrix is not only about the filling of the boxes but it’s all about the discussion between the employees and the manager professionally. In fact, manager’s own skills can come out through this tool as the tool clearly shows the performance and potential of employee individually.


The 9 box matrix is a cost-effective tool. It is because the manager has no need to spend the lavish amount on this tool. He can use this tool through the intelligence and if he is not expert in the usage of this tool then may he has to hire an expert for this tool. But in that case, a manager will pay a reasonable amount to expert person. Incorrect usage of this tool can have the drastic impact on the growth of the organization.

Motivates employees

Most of the employees become dishearten from their own performance and they don’t want to be the part of the organization anymore. In such situation, the 9 box matrix has the trick to engage the employees and motivates them to their work. By following this tool, a manager can communicate with the employees directly through the discussion approach and enables the employees to work with passion. As engagement of employees to their work has the positive impact on the organization.


The evaluation and performance of employee’s skills is not an easy task. It requires a lot of expertise and skills for the accurate measurement. A manager may not possess such type of skills so the 9 box matrix modern evaluation tool enables the manager to get the best from the employees and boost the company’s performance.

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