Self-Manage Organization

Self-Manage Organization

Self-management of an organization is an effective and latest approach as compared to the traditional management of an organization. In a self-managed organization, a manager of the organization sets the direction of its organization. In the hierarchy of the self-managed organization, the manager takes the response from his employees. To take the response from employees he arranges and plans meetings with employees. A manager directly deals each task of organization and proceeds systematically. The success of an organization lies in the hands of the manager and employees so self-manage organization approach is works between the manager and employees.




Experienced Mature Workforce

The manager of the organization is responsible for each progress of the organization. So the manager has to hire those employees who can work under the self-managed organization. It is the requirement of the self-managed organization that the employee report to a manager by himself. Employees strictly work on deliverables and hand it to the manager. So, a manager has to concentrate on responsible and experienced people. In the list of experienced people manager have to consider these

  • What is the education of applicants?
  • How their education will be beneficial for your organization?
  • What are the skills of applicants?
  • What robust skill applicants’ posses
  • Will applicants be willing to learn more?
  • Are they able to meet the deadlines?

Encouragement towards employee’s abilities

In a self-managed organization, a manager has to encourage the abilities of employees. Self-managed employees feel energetic when they hear the encouragement phrases from his manager. As in self-managed organization, the manager gives the direction to his employees so employees will concentrate more on manager’s direction and do the best to deliver the best.

Direct communication with employees

The self-managed organization provides the opportunity to the manager and to the employees to communicate directly without any barrier. As a manager, you have to give an opportunity to your employees to speak freely. You are responsible for creating a relaxing environment for employees. In relax work environment, working potential of employees becomes double and your organization gets the success.

Opportunities for employees

Employees need opportunities to use these skills. As in self-manage organization, a manager has to take regulate the direction, plan, and coordination so he has to provide the opportunities to employees. Like if some lake expertise in an area then the manager has to conduct training to train the employees. Or in a case that the employees have skills and expertise but they don’t have the proper sources to implement these skills then the manager has to provide required resources.

Key Thrust

The self-managed approach has the tendency to strengthen an organization. In an organization, as a manager when you hire self-experienced and self-motivated employees, the deliverability of your work will be on right track. Self-motivated employees fulfill their duties with responsibility but it does not mean that it will be enough.

With the motivation, skills, and experience of employees, you have to arrange all the resources to get the full outcome. In simple words, as a manager, you play the role of input that means you can expect output after giving the input. Your employees will do the processing on your provided input. In the end, your team of employees and you get the final outcome in the form of success.

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