SWOT Analysis of Apple

SWOT Analysis of Apple

Apple is a well-known company in the market for technology. It is an American multinational corporation which attains high rank in the designing and manufacturing of the computers, laptops, and smartphones. In fact, in recent past years, the popularity of Apple phones becomes high with the advancement of the technology. However, Apple has strength factors as well as week factors. And apparently due to the progress of the technology it also has threats. Well, all about Apple under the consideration of the SWOT Analysis are going to be discussing here.


Apple starts with the invention of the MacBook, Later on, iPod, iPhone, and iPad came into existence. It covers all the things which one person wants to use in their gadgets. Latest research highlights that the Apple is the company which generates huge revenue and also it is the second largest manufacturer company of the smartphones.Apple manufacturers don’t compromise with the technology as they use MacOS and also the unique design of the Apple products are the key strengths.


Apple is fulfilling the desires of the public for a long time, and people expect more and extra from this company. In fact, people’s expectation scale is growing fast. So Apple has to introduce the quality according to the people’s demand.  Apple has limitation due to the handling of the security issues. The limitation is that user of the Apple can’t use the third party software so he will be restricted to use Apple software and accessories only.


Apple manufacturers are working on the technology to introduce the devices with more advanced features. In coming years, Apple will generate more revenue as compared to the other countries. It is the first company which introduced the smartwatch in 2015. Apple company gets popularity due to the invention of the smartwatch in the market. It has own specific software which can interconnect the Apple devices through the use of Internet connection.


Apple is such a dominant company that the word ‘Threat’ doesn’t suit on it. Although being the part of the technological market, Apple may have threats. Like Android is the significant threat to the Apple. As Samsung, HTC and Hawaii are using the Android Operating System. Android introduces the features on the level of the Apple.

Key Thrust

Apple manufacturers are doing great in their field and serve their services in the best way. Ups and downs are the components of every business. The business of Apple Company is becoming more popular due to the advancement of technology, and ultimately it has the power to generate the substantial revenue. SWOT Analysis of Apple Company shows that four elements strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat are the essential elements of every business.

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