SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Improvement of business is essential for any business after the development process. Business owners have to consider all those factors that can affect any business for the welfare of the organization or company. SWOT Analysis is a powerful tactic for the progression and growth of the business. It is mainly developed for business purposes but later on many people apply this analysis to some other fields for their ease. Vital elements of SWOT Analysis are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This article elaborates and highlights each aspect in detail.


Strength is the first element through which you can get the estimate of the progress of the company.An organization has loyal team members. Team members of the organization possess different types of skills which give strength to the company. The knowledge of the members will be a plus point for your organization. In the progress estimation, unique objects that you offer in the market are the significant strength of your company. All long the technologies you use for better production of the products.


In SWOT Analysis, as a business owner, you have to estimate everything correctly. You do not need to overestimate or underestimate anything. You have to keep in mind that what you lack in business. Not only this, SWOT allows you to observe in the market that what your competitors are offering in the market but you can’t.  It also enables you to get the estimate that whether you are relying on old technology due to some limitation. When you have awareness about weaknesses of your company, you can remove these gradually.


Opportunity is the third essential element of the SWOT Analysis. This factor or feature enables the business management authorities to get estimation that which opportunities are available for them for the progress of the business. Opportunities can be like no existence of competitors in the market, the demand for your products in the market, or may your competitors are less progressive due to their limitations. These opportunities estimation will give clear thoughts about progress.


The last and crucial element of the SWOT Analysis is the Threat. Threats, as name indicate, is all about those challenges which your company may face later or sooner. The main threats which your company can face are as follows.

  • Adaptation of the new technological trends by your competitors
  • Existence or arrival of your new competitors in the market
  • Customer dissatisfaction towards your products
  • Loss of position in the market due the customer’s attitude

Business upbringing is mandatory for the survival of the business. The business plan needs refinement after some interval of time as this is the way through which a business can achieve a brand name in the market. SWOT Analysis provides help to those entrepreneurs who want to remove flaws in their business and want to touch the glory of the sky with the intelligence of their mind.

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