Toyota Strategy and SWOT Analysis

Toyota is an international company and its headquarter is located in Japan. Toyota has a remarkable reputation in the manufacturing of cars as this company manufactures millions of cars till now. If we talk about the automotive market then Toyota is ruling over other automotive companies. This company makes several records and beat others in manufacturing of automatic vehicles. Toyota is producing its products all over the world approximately in more than one seventy countries. It is famous for car manufacturing but it also serves in the field of housing and finances. Complete SWOT analysis of Toyota is going to be discussing here in detail.


Toyota Company is the most valuable brand in the field of the car manufacturing. In fact, they manufacture the automotive cars. Automotive development is the key strength of the Toyota Motors. Toyota Company believes in research so they take innovative steps towards the implementation after doing research in depth. It emphasizes on development after completing the research. Its key strength is that company is managing complete Toyota Production System and that is the reason they are able to export car in all over the world. This company is also the competitor for those companies who build cars depending on the car hybrid system.


There are a lot of factors which Toyota has to improve for the outstanding results.  Toyota is facing negative publicity due to vehicle recalls. Vehicle recalls affects the automaker at large scale. It has poor recognition as it has other competitors like Daihatsu and Lexus. Toyota is exporting its products all over the world so to export cars they have to depend on the suppliers. Due to dependency on the suppliers, delivery system becomes sluggishness. Toyota is unable to get a remarkable reputation in China. It is a great weakness because China has a strong economic background. If Toyota becomes successful in gaining popularity in China then it will be beneficial.


Toyota has a reputation in the automotive manufacturing of cars so there is a huge demand in the market for automotive cars so it is a great opportunity for the company. Toyota is focusing on green vehicle technology which gaining popularity among the public. This green vehicle technology process is slow but if Toyota boosts this process then can maximize its annual revenue. Toyota releases the variety of models and if it sets time and frequency of models then it will be an opportunity for it.


Natural disasters affect Toyota which is a problem or threat to the company. It is famous for automotive cars but there are other companies which are serving in automotive productions of cars which are the real competitor of Toyota and these are the real challenge for it. They have to strictly follow the government policies for production of automotive vehicles.


Toyota generates annual revenue efficiently. It is on the top list of vehicles which people prefer to buy. But despite the fact of these factors, it has to face challenges. But the company can cope with these challenges by focusing on these challenges.

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