Walmart Strategy and Swot Analysis

Walmart is a brand of US. This brand has a lot of fame in the multinational market. Walmart is a brand which provides services through E-commerce that is it is maintaining its identity online. Physical stores of Walmart are located in different locations. This brand is providing its services in the field of food. Not only in the field of food but also in the field of non-food items. This brand cover variety of items in the field of non-food like health, crafts, toys, electronics, jewelry, shoes, and beauty products. Due to its popularity, this company or brand has strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which are going to be discussing here in detail. This SWOT analysis of Walmart will elaborate all important factors of this company.



Walmart is the largest selling brand in the world because they are selling their products in huge volume. Walmart generates the largest revenue due to the presence of a lot of shopping stores at different locations. This brand is managing a strong relationship with its customer by delivering the order to their beloved customers in real time. Walmart is also selling theirs through the online platform. They are managing online selling effectively as they keep track of the product until the order reached its end location. Walmart beating its co-competitors by selling products at low prices and attract a large number of customers. Due to the large customer’s following, they are dominant in the market.


Although the Wal-Mart is an international and multinational brand, it has to face the challenges. It has a lot of competitor in the market and they try different tactics against Wal-Mart. General strategies of Wal-Mart are its main weaknesses. Business success is dependent on the business model. The business model of Wal-Mart is so simple that anyone can copy its model easily and can proceed. The other main weakness of Wal-Mart is that they offer sales and packages at frequent intervals and due to unbalanced offers they can’t generate enough profit and profit line becomes thick. Sometimes this brand lack quality due to which reputation of brand effects badly.


Walmart is a company which is providing services in vast fields including the health department. They have a lot of opportunities to grow their business. They can expand the business by selling their products in developed countries. Sometimes they lack the quality of the product which is not good for the reputation of the company so they can improve the quality of products especially in the field of health. Poor quality products related to health has the negative impact on the health of the customers so the company has great opportunity to get rid of it.


Due to the availability of the internet, a lot of other companies are selling their products online. They are the great threat for Walmart because they are seeking the attention of customers towards them and try to reduce the sale revenue of the Walmart. It is a company which is making products of different categories and other companies are grabbing the attention of Walmart’s customers by making similar products. Walmart is serving in the field of health and health is a threat to them because they face critique although Walmart provides most organic and natural food as compare to the others.


SWOT Analysis of Walmart shows that the company has to face all problems to cope in the field of the business. Through the SWOT Analysis, a company gets rid of all factors that have a negative impact and adopt all those which have a positive impact.

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