Ways of Managing Conflict in Organizations

When people of different attitude and minds work at a place than it’s obvious that conflicts will arise. Employees of an organization have different temper and everyone has its own views regarding any matter. Due to the different point of views, employees didn’t agree with each other and conflict occurs. If conflicts occur frequently then it will affect the working environment of the organization and employees can’t do work with concentration. So the leading pupils of an organization have to take steps to solve the conflicts. Simple ways through which leading pupils of an organization can reduce conflicts to some extent are going to be highlighting here.

Identify the root cause

As mentioned earlier, conflict occurs due to some reason. So to manage the conflict, you have to know the root cause of conflict. Identification of root cause is important because you cannot settle the situation without knowing the details. As a manager, you have to spare your time for the management of conflict. You can know the details of the matter by asking different questions from the employees. When you investigate the matter through questioning then at the end you will come up with the actual reason for conflict.

Freedom to speak

When you identify the root cause of a conflict then you have to take actions to solve the conflict. You cannot take any action without taking the views of all those people who are involved in the conflict. You have to allow every individual to speak freely so people clear their positions. Ultimately you will be able to take the right decision at right time. You can give strength to your organization by managing the conflict through your unbiased attitude.


In the settlement of a conflict, you have to follow the rules of justice. Under the umbrella of justification, you have to deal every individual with equality.  Equality means you will not give any favor to any employee. If you do favoritism then your employees will do not trust you and unintentionally you will create problems for your own organization. If you find the employee who is creating the problem then you have to strictly warn him for the healthy environment of an organization.

Avoid political and religious discussions

In general, it happens most of the quarrels or conflicts occur due to the political and religious issues. It happens because people are very touchy in this two matter and they become hyper during the discussion of political and religious matters. So as a leader pupil, you have to define in your rules that no employee will discuss political and religious matters within the premises of organization, especially during the work hours. Through defining this, you will save time as well as it will also be helpful to avoid the conflicts.

Manage Conflicts

You will face problems of different types when you run an organization and occurrence of conflicts is one problem from the list of the problems. Management of conflicts is not an easy task because everyone is right in its own place as everyone has different thinking. But as a manager, you have to prepare yourself to deal with every situation.

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